Volunteers on the Childcare project work with orphans and children from disadvantaged neighborhoods and in the mountains through organizing and engaging in activities to entertain the children and help develop their cognitive skills. Volunteers have the opportunity to design daily activities for the children, incorporating teaching basic English, physical development activities (music and dance, theatre, toys and games), and arts and craft (painting and drawing). The aim of this project is for volunteers to provide underprivileged children in Morocco with new, enriching and exciting activities. There is also the opportunity for volunteers on this project to work with special needs children with different disabilities ; Down syndrome, Autism, physical disabilities and deaf and mute

Babies Orphanage

The Babies’ Orphanage is a centre for about 30 babies and infants, ranging in age from new born to 2 years. The children generally are either brought having been found by the police, or from women in the hospital unable to take care of their babies.
The volunteers will go into a playroom, where they can play with the children who are awake. The Nurses who care for the babies will bring the children through when they have woken up and been changed etc, and each volunteer can play and take care of them.
Volunteers do not need to bring any activities to the centre, but can bring things like bubbles, balloons or activities that encourage sensory stimulation etc. However, please bear in mind that volunteers must NOT feed the babies unless asked to do so (the nurses will bring you the food they want each baby to have), nor should they change the babies without first asking. Equally, to prevent misunderstandings, do not go into the rooms with the cots without asking; the nurses however are usually only too happy to accompany volunteers there if they would like to see them, and the director is always happy to answer any questions you might have.
Volunteers can also bring things to the orphanage like nappies and milk …etc. they have a list of necessities at the orphanage


Ramadan Program

Ramadan takes place in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and Muslims worldwide observe this as a month of fasting. While fasting from dawn until sunset, Muslims refrain from consuming food and drinking liquids. In Morocco, the most prevalent religion is Islam and around 98% of the population are practising Muslims. The Ramadan project provides a unique opportunity for volunteers to experience Ramadan in a Muslim culture, however they are required to observe Ramadan customs while in Morocco. usually volunteers have to be at the youth centre between half 6 and 7 to help preparation of tables and serve the food, afterwards they help cleaning up and washing up. The Ramadan project is only available during the 4 weeks of Ramadan.

Painting murals Project

Once or twice a week , Volunteers are assigned to help with painting and gardening in schools, Orphanages, youth clubs ,.etc. they all go as a group and prepare paints brushes to take and some pictures to draw on the wall. Normally volunteers paint things like Animals, landscapes, cartoons, and educational pictures .etc
Volunteers have to follow the coordinators instruction in terms of how the painting would be ,which colour to choose …etc .volunteers are asked to take a lot of water with them and wear old clothes for painting.


Homeless feeding program

Once or twice a week each group of volunteers prepare food to take to the homeless . The feeding programme consists of all volunteers putting money together (20 dirhams, a total of two English pounds) to buy ingredients for sandwiches, drinks. Volunteers work together putting it into bags, taking it together to the homeless people a short walk away from the riad. This always leaves you feeling like you want to help more and that is some ways we wish we could offer more opportunities and support.

Exceptional projects

These projects occur either once or twice a month and volunteers are expected to join in a unique community service. For example, labour work with regards to repairing furniture/ doors/ walls/ wardrobes etc. These projects require patience, pre-preparation and hard work, so it is best to keep an open mind. Volunteers are invited to contribute money that will help people that are in need of clothes, food, building, repairing and painting. Make sure that you discuss this with your co-ordinator so that arrangements can be made through the head office.


Other Villages

 If Volunteers are going to any of the other villages, the placements will be either for a morning, an afternoon, or all day, in which case they are usually given lunch by the organisers in the village. The projects will be working with a group of children in each village. Volunteers can bring a mixture of sports and arts and crafts materials, but try to activities for as many children as possible.
There is also a possibility in these villages to take part in painting projects, decorating schools and areas where the children in the village spends lots of time.

Teaching English

Although the Moroccan Government is working hard to improve literacy and promote professional development through the National Initiative for Human Development (NIHD), a large percentage of Moroccan children and teenagers are not given the chance to acquire marketable skills. These young Moroccans are aware that speaking a second language will enable them to further their education
and integrate well into the job market. Volunteers work with underprivileged children, providing English lessons for 2 different groups; beginners who would like to know more about basic English, and advanced who are keen to learn English Grammar and communicate better English. Volunteer tasks include running small workshops, assisting local teachers and organizing educational games and activities. Volunteers can also assist in summer camps.


Sports Development

Sport and physical activity has got now a strong link to the Moroccan culture, as locals have begun to recognize the value it has in personal and physical development. Volunteers on the Sports Development project contribute to the growth of sport in Morocco through education and coaching of sports, such as Football, rugby, basketball, volleyball, handball, and athletics. Volunteers are also encouraged to introduce new sports and games to the centers in which they are placed. If you have a preference to teach a particular sport please note this on your application​ when you apply​.